Marcelo Mello started teaching acoustic and electric guitar in 1991. He had over 150 students since then.

He developed a method that focus the hand moves, with written material and music playbacks, to improve as much as possible the grip and approach of his students, no matter what music style they aim to perform, along with complete and fun to learn fundamental music theory.

Marcelo covers up Brazilian music such as BOSSA NOVA and SAMBA, teaching the theory and developing repertoire, for the students who are interested in it. This makes his lessons unique.

The doctor friend Rodrigo Barreiros and the physicist Rogerio Dutra helped Marcelo a lot to understand how to teach a wide variety of techniques avoiding injury, tendinites or muscle stress.

Marcelo also helps students to develop their tones and sounds, presetting effects and controlling them in racks and pedal boards, having a separate set of lessons only for that purpose if some students want it.

In both cases, results are outstanding.

"In this business you gotta know how to teach, and like to teach. It’s one of the things I like the most."

Some of his students have developed excellent skills, such as Patrick Graue, that was shown in the SPLOTLIGHT of Guitar Player Brazil magazine.

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Sometimes Marcelo gathers his students in a small club with a covers band, so they can share the results and fun time with their families.

Marcelo’s specialty is the on-line lessons via SKYPE, where students from anywhere can take lessons right at their homes.



Phone: +5511 9-9733-6294