On Line Lessons

Marcelo Mello is now offering ON-LINE lessons. Now students from anywhere can take lessons with Marcelo over the internet on SKYPE, and make guitar practicing complete, fun and easy. Contact us now for a FREE-TRIAL. Check out on the page LESSONS to get more info. Read More

New Acoustic Show

After 3 years Marcelo Mello is once again presenting his show MARCELO MELLO ACOUSTIC, playing acoustic guitar and singing classic rock including Whitesnake, Peter Frampton, Pink Floyd, Creedence, Johnny Rivers, Ozzy, Queen, Van Halen, Eagles, Kansas, etc. in a selection that also features rock pop such as U2, Brian Adams, Foreigner, Elton John,... Read More

New Carrozza Custom Guitar

Marcelo Mello is now using the new CARROZZA CUSTOM prototype, hand-made by Alexandre Carrozza, a talented brazilian builder from Jau, in the state of Sao Paulo, Brazil. Marcelo and Carrozza developed this model together, including the body shape and headstock lines. The main features are a body made in Freijó (brazilian Wood), maple neck, ebony 24... Read More